Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Start

Who are we?

WE.....Are the Universal African Literary Arts Movement & Expo.
We are an independent grassroots event aimed at highlighting and promoting the endeavors of African descended peoples in the field and industry of literature: from authorship, to publishing, to distribution.

Now...what does that long-winded explanation mean?

Quite simply put...we're a networking group, and teaching tool.  We help independent authors, publishers, poets, and other artists to get the word out to the masses about their various works.  We generally send out e-blasts to the members of our Mailing List, informing them of the various literary and cultural functions and events that they can attend to showcase and/or sell their work(s).  We seasonally send out e-blasts of our Schedule of Events listing (updated ever so often when new information comes to our attention).  We also send out e-blasts helping to promote some of our members' works within our own network.  

ALSO.....we have an annual event (that hasn't been so annual) called the Universal Africana Literary Arts Expo (or 'The Expo' for short), where we gather together to showcase our brothers and sisters in the various fields that they occupy: publishers, book clubs, bookstores, comic books, art (graphic and otherwise), magazines, the Black Press, as well as authors and poets.  We're even considering including Bloggers....

We have profile pages across the various Social Media platforms; MySpace, Facebook, various sites.  Since it costs a bit of cash to have your own website, We considered having a blog page as a decent alternative.  We wanted an alternative way to reach the masses outside the blog posts on those various social networking sites. we be.

We will continue to post our Schedule of Events list here; we used to use our Facebook page, but now they are taking away that function.  That way, we can keep the masses informed, and those NOT on our Mailing List can have access to this same information.  We've been going strong since we first started this venture in 2008; we're looking to continue on strong into the future.

Uhuru sase, y paz

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